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Method which extracts the new values from the edited table row passed as an argument or the row corresponding to the index passed as an argument. The values will be fetched purely client-side and the data will be returned in an object array which can be traversed to get each individual data entry.

Supported with InPlace and EditForms auto-generated edit form!

If invalid index is passed as argument to the method, the returned object array will be empty.

extractValuesFromItem(gridItem) or extractValuesFromItem(index)
gridItem HTML row object - <tr> The editable row from which the new values will be extracted ( GridDataItem ).
index Integer The editable row (corresponding to the index ) from which the new values will be extracted.


function GetFirstEditedItemNewValues() {
    var masterTable = $find("<%= RadGrid1.ClientID %>").get_masterTableView();

    var newValues = masterTable.extractValuesFromItem(0);
    var newValuesSB = new Sys.StringBuilder();

    for (var property in newValues) {
        newValuesSB.append(String.format("<b>{0}</b> : {1} <br/>", property, newValues[property]));
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