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Method which extracts the key values (added to the ClientDataKeyNames collection of the master/detail table) from the edited table row passed as an argument or the row corresponding to the index passed as an argument. The values will be fetched purely client-side and the data will be returned in an object array which can be traversed to get each individual data entry.

Supported with InPlace and EditForms auto-generated edit form!

If invalid index is passed as argument to the method, the returned object array will be empty.

extractKeyFromItem(gridItem) or extractKeysFromItem(index)
gridItem HTML row object -
The editable row from which the key values will be extracted ( GridDataItem ).
index Integer The editable row (corresponding to the index ) from which the key values will be extracted.


function GetFirstEditedItemKeyValues() {
    var masterTable = $find("<%= RadGrid1.ClientID %>").get_masterTableView();

    var keyValues = masterTable.extractKeysFromItem(0);
    var keyValuesSB = new Sys.StringBuilder();

    for (var property in keyValues) {
        keyValuesSB.append(String.format("<b>{0}</b> : {1} <br/>", property, keyValues[property]));
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