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Telerik.Web.UI.GridDataItemCancelEventArgs OnRowDropped Property

To get or set property values for client API properties, you must call property accessor methods that are named with the get_ and set_ prefixes. For example, to get or set a value for a property such as cancel, you call the get_cancel or set_cancel.

This event can be handled if you would like to execute some extra code logic prior to the server-side OnRowDrop event rising. This event cannot be cancelled and have the same set of arguments as the OnRowDropping client event.

Fired by RadGrid
Arguments destinationHtmlElement - target html element. Will be null if the user has dropped over a GirdDataItem domEvent - dom event draggedItems - an array of the dragged GridDataItems dropPosition - indicates the position of the drop indicator if the user has dropped over a RadGrid row - "above" or "below" it targetGridDataItem - the GridDataItem over which the user is dropping. May be null if the GridDataItem has not been instantiated beforehand args.get_TargetDataKeyValue(columnName) - a method that returns a data key value for the specified column name of the target GridDataItem targetItemId - the ClientID of the targer GridDataItem targetItemIndexHierarchical - the hierarchical index of the target GridDataItem targetItemTableView - the GridTableView object, to which the target GridDataItem belongs targetRadGrid - the target RadGrid object
Can be canceled No


<telerik:RadGrid RenderMode="Lightweight" ID="RadGrid1" runat="server">
        <ClientEvents OnRowDropped="RowDropped" />
function RowDropped(sender, eventArgs) {
    alert("Dropped target element id is: " + eventArgs.get_destinationHtmlElement().id);
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