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Telerik.Web.UI.GridCommandEventArgs OnCommand Property


To get or set property values for client API properties, you must call property accessor methods that are named with the get_ and set_ prefixes. For example, to get or set a value for a property such as cancel, you call the get_cancel or set_cancel.

This event will be raised for each grid command which is about to be triggered (sorting, paging, filtering, editing, etc.) before postback/ajax request except hierarchy/grouping expand/collapse action. The event can be intercepted in order to perform a certain operation in the grid via web service or to detect what type of command is raised on the client.

Fired by RadGrid
Arguments commandName - the name of the command which is about to be processed commandArgument - the command argument(s) value(s) tableView - returns reference to the owner TableView
Can be canceled Yes, set eventArgs.set_cancel(true) to cancel


<telerik:RadGrid RenderMode="Lightweight" ID="RadGrid1" runat="server">
        <ClientEvents OnCommand="RaiseCommand" />
function RaiseCommand(sender, eventArgs)
    //retrieve the current commandName and commandArgument
    var result = String.format("CommandName: {0}, CommandArgument: {1}", eventArgs.get_commandName(), eventArgs.get_commandArgument());

    if (<some_custom_condition_not_met>)
        eventArgs.set_cancel(true); //cancel the command

How to prevent loss of user input in batch editing mode

function OnCommand(sender, args) {
    var tableView = args.get_tableView();
    var batchEditingManager = sender.get_batchEditingManager();
    var isDirty = batchEditingManager.hasChanges(tableView);
    var commandName = args.get_commandName();
    //allow the user to cancel changes always
    //if there are changes allow the user only to save changes 
    var shouldAllowOperation = commandName == "RebindGrid" || !(isDirty && commandName != "BatchEdit");

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