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Set Font of the Scale Labels

The purpose of Font property is to set the size and the font family of the Scale Labels. It has the following syntax:

SizeInPixels Font1,Font2,Font3 (e.g. Font="10px Times New Roman,Arial,serif"). Default Font is 12px Arial,Helvetica,sans-serif

  • The size of the Font is set in the beginning of the Font declaration, like in the example above.

  • The property holds several font names which act as a "fallback" system. This means that if the browser does not support the first font, it will try the next one.

  • The last font can be of generic-family type (e.g. serif, sans-serif, cursive, etc.), so that the browser can pick a similar font in the generic family, in case the other one is unavailable.

The Font property can be set either in the markup, or in the code behind, for example:

RadLinearGauge1.Scale.Labels.Font = "12px Times New Roman,Helvetica,sans-serif";
RadLinearGauge1.Scale.Labels.Font = "12px Times New Roman,Helvetica,sans-serif"
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