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GanttTaskCollection Object

The following table lists the most important methods of the GanttTaskCollection client-side object:


Name Parameters Return Type Description
add Telerik.Web.UI.GanttTask none Adds a task to the collection.
insert int, Telerik.Web.UI.GanttTask none Inserts a task into the collection at the position specified by the first (index) parameter.
remove Telerik.Web.UI.GanttTask none Removes a task from the collection. See Example 1.
get_count none int Gets the number of tasks in the collection.
getTask int Telerik.Web.UI.GanttTask Gets the task from the collection residing at the index specified by the parameter.
indexOf Telerik.Web.UI.GanttTask int Gets the index of a task.
toArray none array Returns the collection of tasks represented as array.

 Example 1: Get a reference to the first task in the GanttTaskCollection and remove it.

var gantt = $find("<%= RadGantt1.ClientID %>");
var firstTask = gantt.get_tasks().getTask(0);  

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