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GanttDependencyCollection Object

The following table lists the most important methods of the GanttDependencyCollection client-side object:


Name Parameters Return Type Description
add Telerik.Web.UI.GanttDependency none Adds a dependency to the collection.
remove Telerik.Web.UI.GanttDependency none Removes a dependency from the collection. See Example 1.
get_count none int Returns the number of dependencies in the collection.
indexOf Telerik.Web.UI.GanttDependency int Gets the index of a dependency.
getDependency int Telerik.Web.UI.GanttDependency Gets the dependency from the collection residing at the index specified by the parameter.
toArray none array Returns the collection represented as array.

 Example 1: Remove the dependency at index 5 from the Gantt's DependencyCollection.

var gantt = $find("<%= RadGantt1.ClientID %>");
var collection = gantt.get_dependencies();  

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