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As of Q2 2013 we introduced the filtering functionality in the RadDropDownTree. It is enabled through the EnableFiltering property of the RadDropDownTree control. By using the following FilterSettings the user can further customize the functionality:

Note that the filtering functionality can not be used in a combination with WebService and it is not case sensitive.


The Filter property accepts two values:

  • Contains - returns all nodes whose Texts' values contain the searched text as a substring;

  • StartsWith - is the default value of the Filter property. It returns all nodes whose text start with the searched (typed) text.


By using the EmptyMessage property you can set a message in the filtering input to provide a hint to the user. Below is an example demonstrating the use of the property:

dropdowntree empty message


This property is used when a template is applied to the node.

  • ByContent - when the FilterTemplate is set to the ByContent value, the filtering is implemented in the content itself (the text that is bound to the node and the content of the template, it there are additional controls)

  • ByText - filters only by the text that is bound to the text of the node.


  • Matches - enables highlighting of the node when a match to the typed text is found;

HighlightText on Filtering

  • None - does not highlight text when a match of the typed text is found.


This property defines how many letters need to be typed in in the filter input before the nodes in the dropdown tree to get filtered.

Setting the Filter Inline

dropdowntree inline filtering

Setting the Filter Server Side

dropdpwntree server side filtering

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