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Controlling RadDock's Appearance

There are a number of ways you can customize the look & feel of your RadDock and RadDockZone controls:


  • To change the overall look and feel of the RadDockZone control, set its Skin property.

  • To change the layout of docked controls within the RadDockZone control, use the Orientation property.

  • To cause the RadDockZone to be highlighted when the user is dragging a RadDock control over it that can be docked, use the HighlightedCssClass property.


  • To change the overall look and feel of the RadDock control, set its Skin property.

  • To change the visual cues for where the user can start a drag operation, use the DockHandle property.

  • To specify the content that appears inside the RadDock control, use the ContentTemplate, the ContentContainer property, or the Text property.

  • To customize the appearance and behavior of the title bar, use a title bar template.

  • To change the commands that appear in the RadDock title bar, use the DefaultCommands property or the Commands property collection.

  • To change the appearance of the command icons on the title bar, use the CssClass property of the command object.

  • A range of Text properties let you change the tooltips that appear when the user hovers the mouse over the command icons in the title bar.

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