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Telerik Backend Services

Progress decided to discontinue Telerik Platform including its Backend Services and integration with RadCloudUpload. You can find more information on Telerik Platform discontinuation at Telerik Platform is Retired.

Telerik Backend Services (formerly Everlive) connects your applications to backend cloud storages of Telerik's Cloud Services Platform. Integration with RadCloudUpload is easy and requires only an API Key.

Adding References

In order to be able to use the Telerik Backend Services Cloud Storage Provider, you would need the download the dll files from here.

Telerik Backend Services requires reference to Telerik.Everlive.Sdk.Net35.dll. When Web Application is used the Copy Local property in the Reference Properties dialog box, available from the References pane of the Project Designer must be set to True .


  1. From the RadCloudUpload's smart tag choose Everlive as provider and open the Configuration Wizard: cloudupload-everlive

  2. In the Configuration Wizard dialog enter Everlive API Key. cloudupload-everlive-configurationSpecifying the Uncommitted Files Expiration Period (TimeSpan Structure), you could easily configure the time, after which the unprocessed files will be removed from the storage.This will add configuration setting in the web.config file:


                <add name="Everlive" type="Telerik.Web.UI.EverliveProvider" AppKey="" uncommitedFilesExpirationPeriod="2"/>

Telerik Backend Services doesn't support uploading in chunks - files are uploaded at once. In case you want to upload files, larger than 4MB refer to this article.

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