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CloudUpload Overview

General Information

RadCloudUpload provides the ability to upload files directly to Cloud Storage Providers - AmazonS3, Azure and Telerik Backend Services (formerly Everlive).The upload workflow is as follows : the file, which is about to be uploaded is initially processed to a handler and the handler uploads the file to the specified storage provider (files are not stored on the server's hard drive).

The main built-in features of RadCloudUpload include:

  • Validation

  • Multiple File Selection

  • Progress Monitoring

  • Custom Events

The files are passed to a Handler with a single request or on chunks. Telerik Backend Services does not support a multipart upload and the files are sent with a single request to the used Handler. The predefined chunk sizes for the Amazon and Azure storage providers are respectively- 5MB and 2MB. If the browser supports FileAPI, the control will create a module based on its functionality, otherwise it will use the iFrame module (e.g. IE9, IE8, IE7, IE6 will use iFrame module).

Erasure Process

RadCloudUpload is configured to use a callback mechanism - to delete the uploaded files from the Storage Provider if they are not processed after a PostBack. For example, when a file is uploaded, it could be removed from the uploaded files collection, when the “Remove” button is clicked. In this case, its record from the client state is removed and after a certain time the callback (triggered from the cache of the application) will remove it from the storage.

Cloud Storage Providers

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