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Server-side Programming Overview

Overview of the Server-side APIs you can use to create and configure the Telerik WebForms ChipList Control.

Creating the ChipList in the Markup

To create a ChipList in the markup:


<telerik:RadChipList runat="server" ID="RadChipList1" FillMode="Outline" Rounded="Full" Removable="true" ItemSize="Large">
        <telerik:ChipListItem Icon="info-circle" Label="Info" ThemeColor="Info" />
        <telerik:ChipListItem Icon="check-outline" Label="Success" ThemeColor="Success" />
        <telerik:ChipListItem Icon="exclamation-circle" Label="Warning" ThemeColor="Warning" />
        <telerik:ChipListItem Icon="x-outline" Label="Error" ThemeColor="Error" />

Creating an ChipList dynamically

To create the ChipList on the server

  • create a new instance of the RadChipList object and set its properties, see ChipList Properties.
  • add two or more ChipListItem objects to the Items collection and set their properties, see ChipListItem Properties.
  • add the ChipList to the Controls collection of another control (e.g. PlaceHolder1).


protected void Page_PreInit(object sender, EventArgs e)
    RadChipList chiplist = new RadChipList() { ID = "RadChipList1", FillMode = ChipListFillMode.Outline, Rounded = ChipListRounded.Full, Removable = true };

    chiplist.Items.Add(new ChipListItem() { Icon = "info-circle", Label = "Info", ThemeColor = ChipThemeColor.Info });
    chiplist.Items.Add(new ChipListItem() { Icon = "check-outline", Label = "Success", ThemeColor = ChipThemeColor.Success });
    chiplist.Items.Add(new ChipListItem() { Icon = "exclamation-circle", Label = "Warning", ThemeColor = ChipThemeColor.Warning });
    chiplist.Items.Add(new ChipListItem() { Icon = "x-outline", Label = "Error", ThemeColor = ChipThemeColor.Error });

Protected Sub Page_PreInit(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs) Handles Me.PreInit
    Dim chiplist As RadChipList = New RadChipList() With {
        .ID = "RadChipList1",
        .FillMode = ChipListFillMode.Outline,
        .Rounded = ChipListRounded.Full,
        .Removable = True
    chiplist.Items.Add(New ChipListItem() With {
        .Icon = "info-circle",
        .Label = "Info",
        .ThemeColor = ChipThemeColor.Info
    chiplist.Items.Add(New ChipListItem() With {
        .Icon = "check-outline",
        .Label = "Success",
        .ThemeColor = ChipThemeColor.Success
    chiplist.Items.Add(New ChipListItem() With {
        .Icon = "exclamation-circle",
        .Label = "Warning",
        .ThemeColor = ChipThemeColor.Warning
    chiplist.Items.Add(New ChipListItem() With {
        .Icon = "x-outline",
        .Label = "Error",
        .ThemeColor = ChipThemeColor.Error
End Sub

The PlaceHolder1

<asp:PlaceHolder ID="PlaceHolder1" runat="server"></asp:PlaceHolder>

Creating controls programmatically must be done in an early event such as PreInit (preferably), Init. For more details you can check out the ASP.NET Page Life-Cycle Events

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