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Dates Configuration

The Dates Management section of the RadCalendar properties pane includes several properties for specifying special dates that affect the layout and behavior of the calendar:

  • The FirstDayOfWeek property specifies the day to use as the first day of each week. You can set FristDayOfWeek to the name of a specific week day, such as "Saturday", or you can set it to "Default", in which case it uses the value of the CultureInfo property to determine the first day of the week.

  • The FocusedDate property specifies the date that has focus. By default, RadCalendar uses the current date as the focused date. When the calendar shows more than one month (either in multi-view mode or with an enlarged day matrix), the focused date appears by default in the first month that the calendar shows. When the calendar is in multi-view mode, you can change which view contains the focused date by setting the FocusedDateColumn and FocusedDateRow properties.

  • The SelectedDate property specifies the currently selected date when the calendar allows single-date selection. When the calendar allows multiple days to be selected, the SelectedDates property specifies the initially selected dates.

  • The RangeMinDate property specifies the earliest valid date in the range available for selection. The RangeMaxDate property specifies the latest valid date in the range available for selection.

In addition, you can define your own special dates, and specify their properties, using the RadCalendarDay Collection Editor.

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