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RadCalendar control comes with a set of predefined styles, which are specified by the styles in the current skin CSS classes. If the Skin property is not set to an empty string, you can use a variety of style properties to further customize the appearance of the control.

Setting these properties will copy any non-blank elements of the specified style to the specific element of the rendered control, overwriting any existing style elements defined by the used skin.

Setting a style property does not always affect the appearance of a control, if the skin has a setting that applies to a more specific element.

RadCalendar styles

The following table lists the styles that you can assign to a stand-alone RadCalendar control or the embedded RadCalendar control that acts as a popup to RadDatePicker and RadDateTimePicker:

Property Default CSS Class Description
CalendarTableStyle rcMainTable The style for the day matrix in the main area of the calendar.
DayStyle The style for the regular days in the displayed month (i.e. without selected days, special days, weekends, etc.).
DayOverStyle rcHover The style that is applied when the mouse hovers over the calendar days.
SelectedDayStyle rcSelected The style applied to the selected dates.
WeekendDayStyle rcWeekend The style applied to the weekend dates.
DisabledDayStyle The style applied to the disabled dates.
OtherMonthDayStyle rcOtherMonth The style applied to the days on the Calendar control that are not in the current month.
OutOfRangeDayStyle rcOutOfRange The style for the days on the Calendar control that are out of the predefined range.
HeaderStyle The style for the row and column selectors.
TitleStyle The style of the Calendar title.
FastNavigationStyle RadCalendarMonthView_[skin name] The style applied to the Month/Year fast navigation popup.

In addition to the style properties listed above, if the calendar has any special days defined, you can set their ItemStyle property to customize the appearance of the special day.

Since the Q1 2013 SP1 version of RadCalendar the hovered style (.rcHover) is appended to the selected style. Thus both styles will be applied when hovering over an element.

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