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Localizing Strings

The CultureInfo property of the RadCalendar control determines the strings that will be used as month and day names. However, the CultureInfo property does not translate the other strings that appear in these controls.

On RadCalendar you may need to localize the strings that appear in the month/year navigation. You can translate these strings using the FastNavigationSettings property:

    CultureInfo="French (France)">
        DateIsOutOfRangeMessage="La date est hors de gamme."

You can use the FastNavigationSettings property on the embedded popup calendar in a RadDatePicker or RadDateTimePicker control, as well as on a stand-alone RadCalendar control.

In addition, the tooltip strings that the various controls display may need to be localized. Most of the built-in tooltip strings are culture-neutral. For example, the built-in tooltip strings for the navigation controls on the RadCalendar title bar are simply pointers (e.g. ">") rather than text.

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