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RadBreadcrumb object

This article lists the client-side API of RadBreadcrumb and shows how to use it.

To use the API, you must first get a reference to the control's client-side object. For example:

var breadcrumbObject = $find("<%=RadBreadcrumb1.ClientID %>");

RadBreadcrumb is a server-side wrapper over the Kendo UI Breadcrumb Widget. Thus, it exposes the API of the underlying Kendo widget. To get a reference to the Kendo widget instance, you can do either of the following:

  • Use the get_kendoWidget() method of the MS AJAX wrapper:


    var breadcrumbObject  = $find("<%=RadBreadcrumb1.ClientID %>"); //the standard script control object
    var kendoBreadcrumb = breadcrumbObject.get_kendoWidget(); //the Kendo widget
  • Get the Kendo Widget in its usual way. Make sure to use the $telerik.$ jQuery reference:


    var kendoBreadcrumb = $telerik.$("#<%=RadBreadcrumb1.ClientID %>").data("kendoBreadcrumb"); 

In addition to using the Kendo methods directly, you can also use their wrappers that follow the MS AJAX convention through the RadBreadcrumb client object.

Table1: Client-side methods exposed by the MS AJAX RadBreadcrumb object

Name Parameters Return Type Description
dispose none none Destroys the underlying Kendo widget (calls its destroy method). Once you call it, you will not be able to use the widget or control.
get_items none Array Returns the collection of breadcrumb items.
get_value none String Returns the value of the breadcrumb
set_value String none Sets the value of the breadcrumb
repaint Boolean none Repaints the control. The "force" argument determines whether the resizing routine should be executed even if the respective widget's outer dimensions have not changed.

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