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Client-Side Programming Overview

RadAsyncUpload provides a flexible client-side API.You can easily interact with the RadAsyncUpload object in the browser using the browser's client-side object. In addition to a varietyof client-side events,the client-side object model lets you achieve tasks while avoiding the postbacks thatwould trigger file uploading.

Getting the Client-Side Object

RadAsyncUpload creates client-side objects withthe ClientID of the server-side object. You can obtain areference using the $find() method, as shown in the following JavaScript code:

var upload = $find("<%= RadAsyncUpload1.ClientID %>");

Calling Client-Side Methods

Once you have access to a client-side object, you can use it to call its client-side methods, as shown in the following examples.


The following example uses only a single RadAsyncUpload control and demonstrates how by using client-side object the you can add an additional upload row tovisually demonstrate that the control can upload several files:

function deleteUnusedFileInputs() {
    var upload = $find("<%= RadUpload1.ClientID %>"); upload.addFileInput();

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