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The OnClientFileUploaded client-side event occurs after a file has been uploaded

The event handler receives two parameters:

  1. The instance of the RadAsyncUpload control firing the event.

  2. An eventArgs parameter containing the following methods:

  • get_fileInfo returns fileInfo object containing information regarding the uploaded file. Essentially, this is the UploadedFileInfo object serialized from the HttpHandler

  • get_fileName returns the name of the file selected

  • get_row returns the upload row for which the event was fired.

<telerik:RadAsyncUpload RenderMode="Lightweight" runat="server" ID="RadAsyncUpload1" OnClientFileUploaded="OnClientFileUploaded"></telerik:RadAsyncUpload>
function OnClientFileUploaded(sender, args) {
    var contentType = args.get_fileInfo().ContentType;
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