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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: I have a button and a control (RadTreeView for example). The button should update the control with AJAX. How should I proceed?A: You should use RadAjaxManager. In the left pane of the RadAjaxManager designer, select the button and in the middle pane select the treeview. Click OK and run the page.

  2. Q: My control is within a RadAjaxPanel and I want to update a control in another RadAjaxPanel. Is this possible?A: Yes. Instead of using two RadAjaxPanels, consider using a single RadAjaxManager. However if you still want to use the two panels, you should make an external call from the AJAX-initiator control to the AjaxRequest client-side function of the target AJAX Panel. (For more information and a demo, see AJAX Panel)

  3. Q: I need to load a user control dynamically with AJAX. Is this possible?A: There is no difference between the standard loading of controls and AJAX loading. Please, carefully review the Load User Controls topic in order to correctly load user controls dynamically.

  4. Q: I have two controls that interact and update each other. How should I ajaxify them?A: Depending on your application, you can use a single RadAjaxPanel to wrap the two controls or a RadAjaxManager in case the controls are non-adjacent.

  5. Q: Can I use RadAjaxPanel in another RadAjaxPanel (i.e., nested AJAX Panels)?A: No. Telerik Support recommends you to revise the page logic and see if you can achieve the same behaviour with RadAjaxManager and regular asp:Panels.

  6. Q: I have client-side code that is executed on some of the events of a control inside a RadAjaxPanel. How should I proceed?A: There is nothing special that you need to do in this case - RadAjaxPanel automatically evaluates the client-side code and does not require you to write additional code.

  7. Q: I have a control A, which updates control B, which then updates control C. The control C then updates control A again. Controls are dependent on each other and should be updated sequentially. What would you suggest?A: The answer depends on how the controls are placed on the Page. If the controls are neighboring, place them in RadAjaxPanel. If the controls are non-adjacent, use RadAjaxManager and set the AJAX Relations .

  8. Q: I need my controls disabled during AJAX. What should I do?A: You should use the RadAjaxPanel or RadAjaxManager client-side event OnRequestStart and write custom JavaScript code to achieve your goal. Then you should re-enable the controls by using the OnResponseEnd client-side event. See this topic for details.

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