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EI ExportStyle object

Inheritance Hierarchy

  • System.Object
  • Telerik.Web.UI.ExportInfrastructure.ExportStyle : IEquatable`1


BackColor Color

Background color

BorderBottomColor Color

Bottom border color

BorderBottomStyle BorderStyle

Bottom border style

BorderBottomWidth Unit

Bottom border width

BorderLeftColor Color

Left border color

BorderLeftStyle BorderStyle

Left border style

BorderLeftWidth Unit

Left border width

BorderRightColor Color

Right border color

BorderRightStyle BorderStyle

Right border style

BorderRightWidth Unit

Right border width

BorderTopColor Color

Top border color

BorderTopStyle BorderStyle

Top border style

BorderTopWidth Unit

Top border width

Font FontInfo

Font style

ForeColor Color

Foreground color

HasBorderStyles Boolean

Returns true when the ExportStyle contains border settings

HorizontalAlign HorizontalAlign

Horizontal text alignment

IsEmpty Boolean

Returns true if the style is empty

VerticalAlign VerticalAlign

Vertical text alignment



Returns true if both styles are equal


other Telerik.Web.UI.ExportInfrastructure.ExportStyle

ExportStyle object


System.Boolean Boolean. True if equal, false if different.

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