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EI Cell object

Inheritance Hierarchy

  • System.Object
  • Telerik.Web.UI.ExportInfrastructure.Cell


ColIndex Int32

The index of the corresponding Column element

Colspan Int32

The column span of the cell. Default value is 1.

Format String

Custom numeric format specifier

Hyperlink value. Not supported for XLS.

Index Point

The position of the Cell element in the Table

RotationAngle Double

Determines the rotation angle of the text

RowIndex Int32

The index of the corresponding Row element

Rowspan Int32

The row span of the cell. Defalut value is 1.

RTL Boolean

Enables right-to-left mode if set to true

Style ExportStyle

Container of the Cell styles

Table Table

Provides a reference to the parent table

Text String

Used to get the cell value converted to String

TextWrap String

Enables text wrapping, if supported by the given format

Value Object

Property used to get/set the value of the Cell element

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