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Rendering Changes in 4.6.0


Font Icons

The font icon styles are detached from the component themes. Check section Font Icon Stylesheet or KB article Font Icons do not render in Telerik UI for Blazor 4.6 to see how to use font icons in your application after the 4.6.0 Telerik UI for Blazor release.

Changes in Icon Rendering

The CSS classes applied to the built-in Font and SVG icons will be unified to include the k-icon CSS class.

UI for Blazor 4.5.0 UI for Blazor 4.6.0

<span class="k-icon k-i-home"></span>
<span class="k-svg-icon k-svg-i-home"></span>

<span class="k-icon k-font-icon k-i-home"></span>
<span class="k-icon k-svg-icon k-svg-i-home"></span>
  • Added the k-scrollview-animate CSS class to the <div class="k-scrollview-wrap"> element.
  • Replaced the <a class="k-scrollview-prev"> and <a class="k-scrollview-next"> with <span class="k-scrollview-prev"> and <span class="k-scrollview-next">.


  • Removed the k-filter-toolbar-item CSS class from the <div class="k-toolbar-item"> element.


  • Added the k-form-label CSS class to the <label class="k-label"> element.
  • Added the <div class="k-form-field-wrap"> that wraps the editors in the Form regardless of the Form Orientation.
  • Removed the k-form-vertical CSS class from the <div class="k-form k-form-md"> element.
  • Replaced the <label class="k-label k-form-label k-label-empty"></label> element with <span class="k-label k-form-label k-label-empty"></span> when the <FormItem LabelText=""></FormItem>.

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