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Rendering Changes in 3.4.0

"k-state" CSS classes

Previous to the 3.4.0 version we used k-state-* CSS classes to denote that the state of an HTML element happened. As part of the 3.4.0 release, we remove the state segment of that classes.

A list of all changed "k-state" classes

Pre-3.4.0 3.4.0
k-state-focus k-focus
k-state-focused k-focused
k-state-hover k-hover
k-state-hovered k-hovered
k-state-selected k-selected
k-state-disabled k-disabled
k-state-invalid k-invalid
k-state-active k-active


  • Added k-dialog-wrapper CSS class to the outermost HTML element, which holds the modal overlay and the dialog instance.
  • Removed the k-centered CSS class from the <div class="k-window k-dialog">.

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