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System Requirements

This article describes the compatibility of Telerik Blazor components with different browser versions and .NET versions. It also explains the difference between supported .NET versions and compatible .NET versions.

Telerik UI for Blazor steps on Microsoft Blazor. You can host and run Telerik Blazor applications on the platforms and browsers supported by Blazor - Windows, Linux, macOS.

.NET Versions Support

The latest version of Telerik UI for Blazor (currently 6.0.0) targets net6.0. Thus, apps and libraries that reference our package must use one of the following target frameworks:

  • net6.0
  • net7.0
  • net8.0

Razor Class Libraries may target netstandard2.0 by default, so you need to update that.

If your application targets an older framework version, the latest Telerik UI for Blazor you can use is 4.6.0.

Supported .NET Versions

A supported .NET version is one that is officially supported by Microsoft. It will successfully run our NuGet package and Telerik Blazor components. We don't expect any .NET-related issues, but if such issues occur, we will resolve them.

.NET versions that are supported by Telerik UI for Blazor

.NET version First UI for Blazor Version Last UI for Blazor Version
.NET 8 5.0.0 6.0.0 (current official)
.NET 7 3.7.0 6.0.0 (current official)
.NET 6 2.29.0 6.0.0 (current official)

Compatible .NET Versions

A compatible .NET version is one that is no longer (or not yet) officially supported by Microsoft. The Telerik Blazor components should work in apps with that .NET version. We don't expect any .NET-related issues, but if such issues occur, we have no commitment to fix them.

.NET versions that are compatible with Telerik UI for Blazor

.NET version First UI for Blazor Version Last UI for Blazor Version
.NET 5 2.19.0 4.6.0
.NET Core 3.1 2.5.0 4.6.0

We recommend using only supported .NET versions in production applications. This enables stability, maintenance, security patches and performance improvements.

Preview .NET Versions

Telerik UI for Blazor is committed to the currently supported official versions of .NET. We evaluate the compatibility with preview .NET versions on a regular basis and provide support for new .NET versions after their official release becomes available.

Features From Newer .NET Versions

Telerik UI for Blazor can include features from newer .NET versions in its source code only after it drops support for older .NET versions. For example, .NET 7 will be supported until mid 2024 and .NET 6 will be supported until late 2024. As a result, the Telerik Blazor components can include .NET 8 features in 2025 at the earliest.

Browser Support

Use the following browsers to access web applications with Telerik UI for Blazor. The Telerik browser support policy is similar to the Microsoft Blazor browser support policy.

Browsers supported by Telerik UI for Blazor

Browser Supported Versions
Chrome (including Android and iOS) Latest version
Edge Latest version
Firefox Latest version
Safari (macOS and iOS) Latest version

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