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Confirm navigation between Wizard steps


Product Wizard for Blazor


When a user wants to move to the next step, I need to confirm the move and show them a popup warning for some situations. If they choose to "continue", take them to the next step as normal, otherwise back to the current step.


Use the OnChange event of the originating step to show a confirm Dialog. Cancel the event if the user does not confirm. It is also possible to use a Window component, but a confirmation Dialog is likely more suitable.

This example shows confirmation when moving away from step 1. You can extend it for other steps. You can also add a lambda expression in the handler on each step to provide more data to the method - for example, to form a more meaningful message for the step or to distinguish steps more easily.

@* Moving away from step 1 will be confirmed. You can attach the handler to more than one step and raise flags whether to require confirmation as per the business logic *@

<TelerikWizard Width="600px"
        <WizardStep OnChange="@OnStep1Change">
                <p>This is Step 1. Moving to the next one will be confirmed.</p>
                <p>This is Step 2.</p>
                <p>This is Step 3.</p>

@code {
    public DialogFactory Dialogs { get; set; }

    int WizardStep { get; set; } = 0;
    bool shouldConfirmStepChange { get; set; } = true; // change as required in the business logic to fire confirmations

    async Task OnStep1Change(WizardStepChangeEventArgs args)
        // Wizard step indexes are 1-based
        // alternatively, you could use a lambda in the handler declaration in the WizardStep
        // to add metadata to this method so you can tell the steps apart more easily

        // you can have this handler for multiple steps and check which ones you want to fire the confirm for
        // this second flag here imitates business logic that decides whether the confirmation is necessary
        // for example, if modifications have been made to the previous step you may want them confirmed
        if (args.TargetIndex == 1 && shouldConfirmStepChange)
            string confirmText = $"Are you sure you want to go to the next step?";
            bool userIsSure = await Dialogs.ConfirmAsync(confirmText);
            // cancel the navigation from this step if the user does not confirm the prompt
            args.IsCancelled = !userIsSure;
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