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Custom Window CSS Styling


Product Window for Blazor


How to set custom CSS styles to the Window?


The Window Class parameter lets you define a CSS class that will be rendered on the popup element. You can cascade through it in order to change the appearance of both the content, and the built-in elements of the Window.

Use CSS selectors with higher specificity to customize the looks of the Window. See how to override the Telerik Blazor theme for more tips.

Use a Class to change the appearance and style of the Window

<TelerikWindow Class="party-window"
        Window Title
        Window content

    /* style the entire popup element */ {
        border: 5px solid red;

    /* titlebar */ .k-window-titlebar {
        background: gold;

    /* title */ .k-window-title {
        color: blue;

    /* content container */ .k-window-content {
        background: cyan;

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