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Align the window to the right side of the screen


Product Window for Blazor


How do I align the window to the right side of the screen (similar to Left = '100px')?

A popup's position is usually controlled through the Top and Left parameters (CSS rules) because you don't know how far the page will go to the right and down. This is why an explicit Right or Bottom parameter does not exist in the Window component.


Option 1: Put an AnimationContainer in an element that's positioned as desired - the AnimationContainer renders at its place of declaration and can easily have 100% width of its parent.

Option 2: Override the built-in CSS rules of the window and to put it at the right border of the page through your own class:

        right: 0;

<TelerikWindow Class="sticky-right" Visible="true">
        <strong>The Title</strong>
        This is my window <strong>popup</strong> content.
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