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Hide the Tooltip Callout or Change Its Position


Product Tooltip for Blazor


This Knowledge Base article answers the following questions:

  • How to customize the Tooltip callout?
  • How to change the position of the Tooltip callout?
  • How to modify the position of the small arrow of a Tooltip?
  • How to hide the Tooltip callout?


  1. Set a custom CSS class to the Tooltip through the Class parameter. This configuration allows you to target specific Tooltip instances.
  2. Use the defined class to override the theme styles.
  3. Customize the callout (small arrow) position by using this CSS combinator .your-class .k-callout, to suit your specific requirements.
  4. Set a value for the TargetSelector parameter of the Tooltip.

Blazor Tooltip with custom callouts positions

<TelerikTooltip Class="left-callout" TargetSelector=".tooltip-callout-left" />
<TelerikTooltip Class="no-callout" TargetSelector=".tooltip-no-callout" />
<TelerikTooltip Class="right-callout" TargetSelector=".tooltip-callout-right" />

<div style="padding: 2em">
    <TelerikButton Title="Tooltip content"
        Left callout

    <TelerikButton Title="Tooltip content"
        No callout

    <TelerikButton Title="Tooltip content"
        Right callout

    /* hiding the small arrow */
    .no-callout .k-callout {
        display: none;

    /* moving the small arrow to the left */
    .left-callout .k-callout {
        left: 20px !important;

    /* moving the small arrow to the right */
    .right-callout .k-callout {
        left: initial !important;
        right: 20px;

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