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Display ON/OFF Labels of the Switch in Bootstrap and Material


Product Switch for Blazor


Telerik Switch control doesn't seem to display the ON/OFF Labels when used with Bootstrap. How can I customize it to show the ON/OFF labels when I'm using Bootstrap or Material theme?


In Bootstrap and Material themes the Switch component does not render any labels by design. You can also test that in our live demo.

The labels have classes k-switch-label-on and k-switch-label-off which have display:none property.

In order to display the ON/OFF labels when using Bootstrap or Material themes, you can use custom CSS and override their current display property. See the example below for reference and test it with Bootstrap/Material theme.

@* Show the ON/OFF labels in Bootstrap and Material *@

    .k-switch-label-on, .k-switch-label-off {
        display: inline;

    <TelerikSwitch @bind-Value="@isSelected" />
    <br />
    @( isSelected ? "Selected" : "Not selected" )

@code {
    private bool isSelected { get; set; }
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