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Static Web Asset has a conflicting web root path


I suddenly started getting the following error

The static web asset 'C:\Users____.nuget\packages\telerik.ui.for.blazor.20.0\build..\staticwebassets\css\kendo-theme-bootstrap\all.css' has a conflicting web root path '/wwwroot/_content/Telerik.UI.for.Blazor/css/kendo-theme-bootstrap/all.css' with the project file 'wwwroot_content\Telerik.UI.for.Blazor\css\kendo-theme-bootstrap\all.css'. C:\Program Files\dotnet\sdk.0.100\Sdks\Microsoft.NET.Sdk.Razor\build\netstandard2.0\Microsoft.NET.Sdk.Razor.StaticWebAssets.targets 208

I cleaned the project, I also cleared the nuget packages cache but I am still getting these errors.

Cause\Possible Cause(s)

The issue is that the project has the _content folder in the wwwroot folder and the Telerik static assets are copied there.

Screenshot of duplicate _content folder in the project that should not be there


Delete the _content folder from your wwwroot folder.

The framework creates that folder build-time, and copies the static assets from the various packages you use to that folder automatically. So, you should not create and use it in your own project.

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