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Disable Typing in DatePicker Input and Always Use the Calendar


Product DatePicker for Blazor,
DateTimePicker for Blazor,
TimePicker for Blazor


This how-to article answers the following questions:

  • How to disable direct typing in the DatePicker and TimePicker components? I want to restrict users to use only the Calendar and TimeView popups.

  • How to force users to pick date and time only from the component popups?

  • How to hide the DateTimePicker input textbox and display the selected date on another label?


  1. Set the Class parameter of the DateTimePickers that should be readonly or hidden.
  2. Subscribe to the OnAfterRenderAsync event of the Razor component, which holds the DateTimePickers.
  3. Use JSInterop to apply a readOnly attribute to the <input> elements that are children of an element with the custom CSS class above. Make sure to execute the JavaScript only once, when firstRender is true. Use a small Task.Delay() before making the JSInterop call.
  4. To hide the DateInput textbox, apply custom CSS styles that reduce its width and side padding to zero. Set the opacity to zero as well.
  5. Set the Width of the DateTimePickers with a hidden DateInput to "min-content".

Hide the DatePicker DateInput or make it readonly

@inject IJSRuntime js

<h2>Hidden + ReadOnly DateInput</h2>

<TelerikDatePicker @bind-Value="@DateValue"
                   Class="hidden-dateinput readonly-dateinput" />


    .hidden-dateinput input.k-input-inner {
        width: 0;
        opacity: 0;
        padding-left: 0;
        padding-right: 0;

<h2>ReadOnly DateInputs</h2>

<TelerikDatePicker @bind-Value="@DateValue"
                   Class="readonly-dateinput" />

<TelerikTimePicker @bind-Value="@DateValue"
                   Class="readonly-dateinput" />

<TelerikDateTimePicker @bind-Value="@DateValue"
                       Format="yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm"
                       Class="readonly-dateinput" />

@* Move JavaScript to a separate JS file in production *@
<script suppress-error="BL9992">
function makeDateInputsReadOnly() {
    var inputs = document.querySelectorAll(".readonly-dateinput input");
    inputs.forEach( (input) => {
        input.setAttribute("readOnly", true);
    } );

@code {
    DateTime? DateValue { get; set; } = DateTime.Now;

    protected override async Task OnAfterRenderAsync(bool firstRender)
        if (firstRender)
            // The delay ensures the DateInputs are rendered.
            // The exact duration doesn't matter.
            await Task.Delay(1);

            await js.InvokeVoidAsync("makeDateInputsReadOnly");

        await base.OnAfterRenderAsync(firstRender);


  • The picker textbox must be readonly and not disabled in order to receive focus after date selection. Otherwise the popup Calendar will not close.
  • A possible negative side effect is that users will still be able to change the DateInput value through the Up and Down arrow keys.
  • Even though the DateInput textbox is read-only, it will accept programmatic value changes.

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