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PDF Document Displays Visually Corrupted


Product PDFViewer for Blazor


The PDF document in the PDFViewer control is visually corrupted on initial display.

Zooming in and out sometimes corrects this visualization problem but the initial rendering of the document is almost always broken.

The PDF file content is visually corrupted with Edge and Chrome. The PDF file is displayed correctly in Firefox.

The PDF Viewer has display issues and some of the words in the PDF document are cut. The rendering error may disappear if I change the zoom.

Possible Cause

The problem is related to:

  • Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and possibly other WebKit browsers;
  • Specific graphics cards with outdated drivers;
  • Webkit implementation of hardware acceleration when rendering 2D canvases.

Suggested Workarounds

  • Update to the latest browser version;
  • Update the graphics card driver;
  • Disable GPU hardware acceleration for 2D canvas rendering in the browser. To access the setting in Chrome, go to chrome://flags and search for "Accelerated 2D Canvas". In Edge, go to edge://settings and search for "Use hardware acceleration". You may need to restart the browser after turning off the setting.


Unfortunately, the PDF Viewer cannot detect, report or fix this visualization problem automatically.

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