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Sort the Grouped Column


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I want to be able to sort the grouped column. How can I achieve this?


At the time of writing (Telerik UI for Blazor version 2.29.0) the ability to sort the grouped column is not supported out of the box. There is a public feature request for it at Allow sorting the Grouped Column.

For the time being, you can use the Grid State to programmatically sort the grouped column. Based on whether the Grid is grouped or not (you can also get that information from the State), you can render a button in the Grid Toolbar allowing the user to sort the groups. The UI for sorting will be a bit different than the built-in feature.

Here is an example of the described approach.

@* Programmatically sort the grouped column. CRUD operations are not handled for brevity *@

@using Telerik.DataSource;

<TelerikGrid Data="@MyData" Height="500px" @ref="@Grid" Groupable="true" Sortable="true"
             Pageable="true" FilterMode="@GridFilterMode.FilterMenu"
             OnStateChanged="@((GridStateEventArgs<SampleData> args) => OnStateChangedHandler(args))">
        <GridCommandButton Command="Add" Icon="@SvgIcon.Plus">Add</GridCommandButton>

        @if (Grouped)
            <TelerikButton OnClick="@SortGroup" Icon="@SortIndicator">Sort Group: @GroupName</TelerikButton>
        <GridColumn Field="@(nameof(SampleData.Id))" Width="120px" />
        <GridColumn Field="@(nameof(SampleData.Name))" Title="Employee Name" />
        <GridColumn Field="@(nameof(SampleData.Team))" Title="Team" />
        <GridColumn Field="@nameof(SampleData.IsOnLeave)" Title="On Vacation" />
        <GridColumn Field="@(nameof(SampleData.HireDate))" Title="Hire Date" />
            <GridCommandButton Command="Delete" Icon="@SvgIcon.Trash">Delete</GridCommandButton>
            <GridCommandButton Command="Cancel" Icon="@SvgIcon.Cancel" ShowInEdit="true">Cancel</GridCommandButton>

@code {

    public TelerikGrid<SampleData> Grid { get; set; }

    public string SortIndicator { get; set; } = "sort-asc-small";

    public string GroupName { get; set; }

    public bool Grouped { get; set; }

    async void OnStateChangedHandler(GridStateEventArgs<SampleData> args)
        GridState<SampleData> currState = Grid.GetState();

        if (currState.GroupDescriptors.Any())
            Grouped = true;
            GroupName = currState.GroupDescriptors.FirstOrDefault().Member;
            Grouped = false;

    async Task SortGroup()
        GridState<SampleData> currState = Grid.GetState();

        var SortDirection = currState.GroupDescriptors.FirstOrDefault().SortDirection;

        if (Grouped)
            if (SortDirection == ListSortDirection.Ascending)
                SortDirection = ListSortDirection.Descending;
                SortIndicator = "sort-desc-small";
                SortDirection = ListSortDirection.Ascending;
                SortIndicator = "sort-asc-small";

            currState.GroupDescriptors.FirstOrDefault().SortDirection = SortDirection;

        await Grid.SetStateAsync(currState);

    public IEnumerable<SampleData> MyData = Enumerable.Range(1, 30).Select(x => new SampleData
        Id = x,
        Name = "name " + x,
        Team = "team " + x % 5,
        IsOnLeave = x % 2 == 0,
        HireDate = DateTime.Now.AddDays(-x).Date

    public class SampleData
        public int Id { get; set; }
        public string Name { get; set; }
        public string Team { get; set; }
        public bool IsOnLeave { get; set; }
        public DateTime HireDate { get; set; }
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