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Is there any way to default the values that are used when I create a new row?

So for example, I have a row where I want to default a date to Jan 1st of the following year. However, when I add the row, it adds nulls to all fields and the date shows up as 1 Jan 1900 and there's a lot of fiddly clicking to set the right date.

Or, if the field is not nullable it would default to a zero or to a Jan 01 in the year 0001.


To set default values in the new row, set them in the default constructor of the model class.

How to set default values in a new grid row

    public class SampleData
        public SampleData()
            // to set default values in the grid, use the default constructor of the model
            HireDate = DateTime.Now.AddDays(14);
            Salary = 1000;

        public int ID { get; set; }
        public string Name { get; set; }

        public DateTime HireDate { get; set; }
        public decimal Salary { get; set; }
@* To set default values for the new row, use the default model constructor to set them
    The Telerik grid and editors will show the values your app provides *@

Click the <strong>Add</strong> button to see the default values for the HireDate and Salary fields

<TelerikGrid Data=@MyData EditMode="@GridEditMode.Inline" Pageable="true" Height="500px"
             OnUpdate="@UpdateHandler" OnDelete="@DeleteHandler" OnCreate="@CreateHandler">
        <GridCommandButton Command="Add" Icon="add">Add Employee</GridCommandButton>
        <GridColumn Field=@nameof(SampleData.ID) Title="ID" Editable="false" />
        <GridColumn Field=@nameof(SampleData.Name) Title="Name" />
        <GridColumn Field=@nameof(SampleData.HireDate) Title="Hire Date (has default value)" />
        <GridColumn Field=@nameof(SampleData.Salary) Title="Salary (has default value)" />
            <GridCommandButton Command="Save" Icon="save" ShowInEdit="true">Update</GridCommandButton>
            <GridCommandButton Command="Edit" Icon="edit">Edit</GridCommandButton>
            <GridCommandButton Command="Delete" Icon="delete">Delete</GridCommandButton>
            <GridCommandButton Command="Cancel" Icon="cancel" ShowInEdit="true">Cancel</GridCommandButton>

@code {
    async Task UpdateHandler(GridCommandEventArgs args)
        SampleData item = (SampleData)args.Item;
        var index = MyData.FindIndex(i => i.ID == item.ID);
        if (index != -1)
            MyData[index] = item;

    async Task DeleteHandler(GridCommandEventArgs args)
        SampleData item = (SampleData)args.Item;

    async Task CreateHandler(GridCommandEventArgs args)
        SampleData item = (SampleData)args.Item;
        item.ID = MyData.Count + 1;
        MyData.Insert(0, item);

    public List<SampleData> MyData { get; set; }

    protected override void OnInitialized()
        MyData = new List<SampleData>();

        for (int i = 0; i < 50; i++)
            MyData.Add(new SampleData()
                ID = i,
                Name = "Name " + i.ToString(),
                HireDate = DateTime.Now.AddMonths(-i),
                Salary = i^3
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