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Missing BR Tags in Editor HTML Value


Product Editor for Blazor
Product Version 4.6.0 +


This KB article addresses the following questions or issues:

  • Multiple newlines in the Editor are represented by empty paragraphs and are not visible when rendered outside the Editor.
  • Why empty paragraphs look different in the Editor and outside the Editor?
  • Why empty paragraphs in the Editor don't show afterwards on the web page?


By default, empty paragraphs do not occupy any space on the web page. Here is why empty paragraphs look different inside and outside the Editor:

Note that the Editor uses the ProseMirror engine. By design, the engine inserts a <br /> tag in every empty <p></p>. This ensures that each empty paragraph takes up visible space and the user can distinguish it, focus it, and type inside. Since version 4.6.0, the Editor Value does not contain these "service" <br /> tags anymore.

Suggested Workarounds

  • Expand the empty paragraphs with CSS.
  • Add &nbsp; or <br /> tags to the resulting HTML markup before rendering it on the web page.

The Editor will insert an additional <br /> tag to empty paragraphs even if they already contains one, for example, <p><br /></p>. So adding <br /> to all empty paragraphs in the database may not be optimal for future editing.

Render empty paragraphs from the Editor Value

<TelerikEditor @bind-Value="@EditorValue"
               Height="180px" />

<h2>Editor Value</h2>


<h2>Editor Value on Page</h2>

@(new MarkupString(EditorValue))

<div style="display: flex; gap: 3em; flex-wrap: wrap;">
        <h2>CSS Workaround</h2>

        <div class="empty-p-tags">
            @(new MarkupString(EditorValue))

            .empty-p-tags p:empty::before {
                content: " ";
                white-space: pre;

        <h2>&amp;nbsp; Workaround</h2>

        @(new MarkupString(EditorValue.Replace("<p></p>", "<p>&nbsp;</p>")))

        <h2>&lt;BR /&gt; Workaround</h2>

        @(new MarkupString(EditorValue.Replace("<p></p>", "<p><br /></p>")))

@code {
    private string EditorValue { get; set; } = "<p>Paragraph 1.</p><p></p><p>Paragraph 3.</p>";

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