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Hide DatePicker Input


Product DatePicker for Blazor,
DateTimePicker for Blazor,
TimePicker for Blazor


Is there a way to hide the input portion of the DatePicker and leave only the selections Icon? Users should not see or type in the textbox.


Use custom CSS to hide the textbox and leave only the button and icon.

To customize only specific Date/Time Pickers, use their Class parameter.

This technique prevents automatic closing of the DatePicker popup after the user selects a date. To hide the popup, call JavaScript from the ValueChanged event handler. This workaround is not necessary for DateTimePickers and TimePickers.

Hide Date/Time Picker TextBox

@inject IJSRuntime js

<p>DatePickerValue: @DatePickerValue.ToLongDateString()</p>

<TelerikDatePicker Class="date-picker-only-icon"
                   ValueChanged="@( (DateTime newValue) => OnValueChanged(newValue, "datePicker1") )" />

<TelerikDateTimePicker Class="date-picker-only-icon"
                       @bind-Value="@DatePickerValue" />

<TelerikTimePicker Class="date-picker-only-icon"
                   @bind-Value="@DatePickerValue" />

    /* remove default 100% width */
    .date-picker-only-icon.k-input {
        width: auto;

    /* hide textbox */
    .date-picker-only-icon .k-input-inner {
        display: none;

    /* remove button left border */
    .date-picker-only-icon .k-input-button {
        border-left-width: 0;

@* Move this script outside the Razor component *@
<script suppress-error="BL9992">

    function closePickerPopup(pickerId) {
        document.getElementById(pickerId).dispatchEvent(new Event("focus"));


@code  {
    DateTime DatePickerValue { get; set; } = DateTime.Now;

    async Task OnValueChanged(DateTime newValue, string pickerId)
        DatePickerValue = newValue;

        // close the DatePicker popup
        await js.InvokeVoidAsync("closePickerPopup", pickerId);

@* CSS for UI for Blazor 2.30 and older versions *@

    .date-picker-only-icon .k-picker-wrap {
        width: auto;

    .date-picker-only-icon .k-dateinput {
        display: none;

    .date-picker-only-icon .k-select {
        width: 30px;
        height: 30px;
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