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WebAssembly Server PreRendering with Telerik components


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I want to use the web assembly server-side pre-rendering feature in .NET 5 - the WebAssemblyPrerendered mode.

<component type="typeof(App)" render-mode="WebAssemblyPrerendered" />

You can read more about it in the following resources:


You can see how to add Telerik assets, services and the root component in the What You Need article. Make sure you are familiar with it before you continue reading. Both the client-side, and the server-side information is necessary.

There are a couple of things specific to the Telerik components that you need to do:

  • Add the Telerik services and the TelerikRootComponent as usual in the WebAssembly project.

  • Add the Telerik web assets to the index page (now the _Host.cshtml page in the Server project) as usual.

  • Add a package reference to the Telerik.UI.for.Blazor package in the Server project as well.

  • Add the Telerik services in the Server project as well.

  • Add other specific services to the Server project as well (such as localization services for the Telerik components, or other services for your app like data retrieval logic) and ensure they have an appropriate implementation that can work on the server.

The last three steps are required so the server can also work with the Telerik components and render them. This is similar to using a server-side Blazor application - the first render happens on the server, like with a server-side Blazor app.

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