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Version Update Breaks UI Component Styling


Product UI for Blazor


The UI components do not render and look properly after version update.

How to resolve UI (styling) issues after NuGet package version upgrade? Where do I get the new theme CSS stylesheet?

Steps to Reproduce

Upgrade the Telerik UI for Blazor version (NuGet package). The component styling breaks. If the previous version is restored, the styling is OK.

Possible Cause

The application is using an outdated CSS theme or swatch.


To resolve the problem, follow the recommended UI for Blazor upgrade procedure:

  • If using the Telerik CDN - update the stylesheet file URL to the correct version.
  • If using a local CSS file in wwwroot - replace the stylesheet with a compatible one. If the application is using a custom theme, then recreate it.
  • If using static assets from the NuGet package - clear the browser cache.

A version update might break custom application CSS styles that are outside the Telerik theme. In this case, then check if the component HTML rendering or CSS classes have changed, and adjust the custom CSS code.

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