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Differences Between Telerik Popup Components


Product UI for Blazor,
AnimationContainer for Blazor,
Dialog for Blazor,
Popover for Blazor,
Popup for Blazor,
Tooltip for Blazor,
Window for Blazor


This KB article answers the following questions:

  • What are the differences between the Dialog and the Window component? Dialog vs Window comparison.
  • What are the differences between the Popover and the Tooltip? Popover vs Tooltip comparison.
  • When should you use one popup component over another?


Here are the unique features and distinguishing characteristics of all Telerik UI for Blazor popup components:

The following table provides another point of view for easier comparison.

Component Comparison

Component Rendering Location * Position Relative To Anchor Elements Built-in Styled Content Modality Resizing and Dragging
AnimationContainer in-place depends on positioned containers and Top and Left 0, but can be simulated none no no
Dialog root page 0 header with optional close button, footer with action buttons yes no
Popover root anchor element 1, limited support for multiple header, footer with action buttons, callout no no
Popup root anchor element 1 none no no
Tooltip root anchor element unlimited icons, callout no no
Window depends on ContainmentSelector page 0 header with actions depends on Modal yes

* Root rendering location means as a direct child of the TelerikRootComponent. In-place is how Blazor components normally work.

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