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Telerik Component Requires a TelerikRootComponent


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TelerikRootComponent for Blazor


This knowledge base article explains how to avoid or fix the exception about a missing TelerikRootComponent.

Error Message

Exception: A Telerik component on the requested view requires a TelerikRootComponent in MainLayout or a parent component.


The error occurs when a Telerik Blazor component cannot detect a TelerikRootComponent instance as a parent or ancestor in the Blazor component tree. Normally, each Telerik Blazor component obtains a reference to the TelerikRootComponent from a cascading value, which the TelerikRootComponent sets.

More specifically, the exception implies the following issues with the application setup:

  • A Blazor application is missing a TelerikRootComponent in MainLayout.razor or any other layout file that is currently in use.
  • A .NET 8 Blazor Web App has a TelerikRootComponent in a used layout file, but the app's Interactivity location is set to Per page/component. In such cases, the layout files use static render mode and the TelerikRootComponent is unable to pass cascading values down the component tree.


To fix and avoid the TelerikRootComponent exception:

To avoid problems with popup positioning, wrap all the web page content in a TelerikRootComponent.

Do not nest multiple TelerikRootComponent instances.

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