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How to format the percent in a label for a pie or donut chart


Product Charts for Blazor


When you use templates to customize the appearance of the labels, you may need to implement some application logic there or to implement complex formatting of the numbers.

This article shows how to format the percent in a label for a pie or donut chart to have a desired number of decimals and to be a number between 0 and 100, instead of the default number between 0 and 1 that has many decimal places:

Blazor Pie Chart Formatted Percent


To customize the percentage display, you need to

  1. Use a custom template to show the percentage field.

  2. Implement the desired rounding/formatting function in a JavaScript file (in the example below, we will call it template-helpers.js and it resides in the wwwroot folder).

  3. Reference that file in your root component (_Host.cshtml for a server-side app, or index.html for a client-side app).

  4. Call the custom formatting function from the template and pass the needed arguments to it. It must return the string you want shown in the template.

You can find a sample project with even more examples in the repo.

This is only one example, you can implement different functions and logic

        <ChartSeries Type="ChartSeriesType.Pie" Data="@pieData"
                            Field="@nameof(MyPieChartModel.SegmentValue)" CategoryField="@nameof(MyPieChartModel.SegmentName)">
            <ChartSeriesLabels Visible="true" Template="@segmentTemplate" />

    <ChartTitle Text="Revenue per product" />

    <ChartLegend Position="ChartLegendPosition.Right" />

@code {
    //this is where we call our custom rounding function
    string segmentTemplate = "#=value#\n#= round(percentage * 100, 1)#%";

    //below is just some data to feed the display
    public class MyPieChartModel
        public string SegmentName { get; set; }
        public double SegmentValue { get; set; }

    public List<MyPieChartModel>
    pieData = new List<MyPieChartModel>
            new MyPieChartModel
                SegmentName = "Product 1",
                SegmentValue = 1
            new MyPieChartModel
                SegmentName = "Product 2",
                SegmentValue = 3
            new MyPieChartModel
                SegmentName = "Product 3",
                SegmentValue = 5
function round(value, decimals) {
    return Number(Math.round(value + 'e' + decimals) + 'e-' + decimals);
    <!-- there may be other content here -->

    <script src="~/template-helpers.js"></script>

    <!-- there may be other content here -->

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