Automated Wizard Installer

This article explains what the automated install wizard does for Telerik UI for Blazor components, and how to get it.

While the most common way to install the Telerik UI for Blazor components is to use the Telerik private NuGet feed, you can also use a wizard installer, or a zip archive.

There is an automated installer for Windows (.msi) and for Mac (.pkg).

The automated installer provides the following:

How to Download the Automated Installer

To download the automated msi (for Windows) or pkg (for Mac) installer:

  1. Log into your Telerik account and click on Downloads from the top menu.

  2. On the loaded page choose from your purchased products or trial downloads ProgressĀ® TelerikĀ® UI for Blazor, and click on it.

  3. Download the Automatic installation file for your operating system

Once the download completes, run the downloaded file and follow the instructions. The default installation path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Progress\Telerik UI for Blazor <VERSION>\.

Set Up a Local NuGet Feed in Visual Studio

To setup a local NuGet package source, so you can install the Telerik components without an active Internet connection and without setting up our private feed, do the following:

  1. Open Visual Studio and go to Tools > Options.

  2. Find the NuGet Package Manager node, expand it, and select Package Sources.

  3. Click the Add (+) icon at the top to add the new local feed, select its name and point it to the path where you installed the components or placed the .nupkg files (by default, the installation goes to C:\Program Files (x86)\Progress\Telerik UI for Blazor <VERSION>\packages).

    Make sure to add the packages from both the packages and dpl folders to your custom feed.

    For example:

Next Steps

Once you have the NuGet feed set up, follow the instructions to create either a Client-side Blazor app, or a Server-side Blazor app.

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