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The Options dialog enables you to configure the Telerik Visual Studio Extensions to best suit your needs.

The dialog can be accessed through Visual Studio > Extensions > Telerik > Telerik UI for Blazor > Options...

Telerik UI for Blazor Visual Studio Extensions open Options dialog

The Options dialog contains two sets of configurations that affect the Telerik UI for Blazor Visual Studio Extension:

The settings under the General category affect all installed Telerik Visual Studio Extensions—including those for other development platforms.

Notifications Options

This setting controls whether a message will be displayed to indicate when a newer version of Telerik UI for Blazor is available:

Telerik UI for Blazor Visual Studio Extensions Options - Notifications

General Options

The General Options window includes the following configurations:

Telerik UI for Blazor Visual Studio Extensions Options - General

Download Location

This setting allows you to select the folder for downloading the Telerik UI for Blazor package. The default path is:


Project Setup

  • Copy referenced assemblies to solution and integrate with source control—When enabled, the referenced assemblies will be copied to the solution when using Telerik wizards. True by default.

Project Upgrade Notifications for Detected Local Distributions

  • Suggest project upgrades for Telerik product versions available on my computerTrue by default.

  • Suggest upgrades when an equal Dev release is detected on projects using a TrialTrue by default.

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