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Create New Projects

This article demonstrates how to use the Telerik Extension for Visual Studio Code to create a new application that has the Progress® Telerik® UI for Blazor components working.

Get the Extension

To use the Telerik UI for Blazor Template Wizard, install the Telerik UI for Blazor Visual Studio Code Extension. You can get the extension:

  • from the Visual Studio Marketplace

  • by opening the Extensions tab in Visual Studio Code, then searching for Telerik UI for Blazor Template Wizard and clicking Install

Start the Wizard

To create a Telerik-enabled Blazor project:

  1. Press Ctrl+Shift+P in Windows/Linux or Cmd+Shift+P on Mac to open VSCode's extension launcher

    launch Telerik Blazor VS Code extension

  2. Type/Select Telerik UI for Blazor Template Wizard: Launch and press Enter to launch the extension

  3. The wizard will now guide you through the project creation steps:

    1. choose a project name and location,

      choose Telerik project name and location

    2. the type of project (WASM or Server-side) and your Telerik license (trial or commercial, depending on what you have),

      choose Blazor project type and Telerik license

    3. add some sample pages to get you started (a grid with CRUD operations form a service, a form, charts),

      add sample pages

    4. choose a Theme.

      choose Telerik Theme

  4. When you open the project, to run it:

    1. Open the Terminal and navigate to the Server project folder. For a server project this is the folder with the project name, for a WASM project it will be the Server folder.

    2. Execute dotnet run and navigate your browser to the link you see in the console output.

You now have a Blazor SPA app running!

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