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Draggable Window

You can move the Window for Blazor by dragging its titlebar with the mouse or with a touch and hold gesture, then dragging on a touch screen.

Moving the Window is enabled by default and you can stop it by setting the Draggable parameter of the Window component to false.

If you set the Left and Top parameters, you must use two-way binding for them (or update their values in the corresponding events), otherwise the old information in the view-model will reset the position of the window.

@* Movable windows *@

<TelerikWindow Visible="true">
    <WindowTitle><strong>Drag me!</strong></WindowTitle>
    <WindowContent>You can drag me around easily.</WindowContent>

<TelerikWindow Visible="true" @bind-Left="@TheLeft" @bind-Top="@TheTop">
    <WindowTitle>Drag me too!</WindowTitle>
    <WindowContent>When using Left and Top, make sure to update them in the view-model.</WindowContent>

<TelerikWindow Visible="true" Draggable="false" Left="400px" Top="200px">
    <WindowTitle><strong>Non-</strong> movable</WindowTitle>
    <WindowContent>You are not allowed to drag me so you do not have to update my Top and Left.</WindowContent>

    string TheLeft { get; set; } = "50px";
    string TheTop { get; set; } = "50px";

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