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TileLayout Events

This article explains the events available in the Telerik TileLayout for Blazor:


The OnResize event is fired when any tile is resized. It lets you respond to that change if needed - for example, call the .Refresh() method of a chart or otherwise repaint a child component in the content. You can also use it to, for example, update the saved state for your users.

The OnResize event provides an argument of type TileLayoutResizeEventArgs. It exposes two properties:

  • Id (string) of the resized item

Respond to the Resize event and adjust components in the tile

@* Respond to a tile resizing to resize its contents, if needed *@

<TelerikTileLayout Columns="4"
        <TileLayoutItem HeaderText="Resize me" RowSpan="2" ColSpan="2" Id="chart-tile">
                <TelerikChart @ref="@ChartRef" Width="100%" Height="100%">
                        <ChartSeries Type="@ChartSeriesType.Line" Name="Product 1" Data="@chartData">

                        <ChartCategoryAxis Categories="@xAxisItems"></ChartCategoryAxis>

                    <ChartTitle Text="Quarterly revenue per product"></ChartTitle>

                    <ChartLegend Position="@ChartLegendPosition.Right">
        <TileLayoutItem HeaderText="Resize me too" RowSpan="2" Id="text-tile">
                <div style="width: 100%; height: 100%; background: yellow; overflow: auto;">
                    Elements whose dimensions are set as percentage of their parent
                    and can resize based on that may not require explicit code to handle
                    resizing of the tile layout.
        <TileLayoutItem HeaderText="Panel 3" ColSpan="2" Id="tile3">
            <Content>Panel 3.</Content>
        <TileLayoutItem HeaderText="Panel 4" Id="tile4">
            <Content>Panel 4.</Content>

@code {
    TelerikChart ChartRef { get; set; }
    void OnResizeHandler(TileLayoutResizeEventArgs args)
        Console.WriteLine($"tile {args.Id} resized");
        if (args.Id == "chart-tile")

    public List<object> chartData = new List<object>() { 10, 2, 5, 6 };
    public string[] xAxisItems = new string[] { "Q1", "Q2", "Q3", "Q4" };


The OnReorder event fires when tiles have been reordered. You can use it to, for example, update the saved state for your users.

The OnReorder event provides an argument of type TileLayoutReorderEventArgs. It exposes two properties:

  • Id (string) of the reordered item

Respond to the OnReorder event

@* Handle the OnResized event *@

<TelerikTileLayout Columns="3"
        <TileLayoutItem HeaderText="Panel 1">
            <Content>Regular sized first panel.</Content>
        <TileLayoutItem HeaderText="Panel 2">
            <Content>You can put components in the tiles too.</Content>
        <TileLayoutItem HeaderText="Panel 3" RowSpan="3">
            <Content>This tile is three rows tall.</Content>
        <TileLayoutItem HeaderText="Panel 4" RowSpan="2" ColSpan="2">
            <Content>This tile is two rows tall and two columns wide</Content>

    async Task OnReorderHandler(TileLayoutReorderEventArgs args)
        Console.WriteLine($"tile {args.Id} reordered, might be a good time to save the state.");

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