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TabStrip Tabs Collection

In some cases, you might need to declare tabs for objects in a collection. The TabStrip allows you to render its tabs by iterating that collection.

This is an alternative approach for configuring the component instead of manually declaring each tab as a separate TabStripTab instance inside the TabStrip tag.

If you render components in the tabs created in a foreach loop, you may want to set their @key parameter to unique values, in order to ensure they will re-render. If you do not, the framework will render one instance of your custom component for all tabs and will only set its parameters, it will not initialize anew (OnInitialized will not fire a second time, only OnParametersSet will).

Extract information for the currently selected tab from your model. Alter the model to affect the TabStrip. Create tabs dynamically based on external data.

You can find another example with some more details in the following sample project: Dynamic Tabs.


<TelerikTabStrip ActiveTabIndexChanged="@TabChangedHandler">
        foreach (MyTabModel item in tabs)
            <TabStripTab Title="@item.Title" Disabled="@item.Disabled" @key="@item">
                Content for tab @item.Title

<TelerikButton OnClick="@( () => tabs[1].Disabled = !tabs[1].Disabled )">Toggle the Disabled state of the second tab</TelerikButton>

@code {
    MarkupString result { get; set; }
    void TabChangedHandler(int newIndex)
        string tempResult = $"current tab {newIndex} selected on {DateTime.Now}";
        MyTabModel currTab = tabs[newIndex];
        tempResult += $"<br />the new tab has a title {currTab.Title}";
        result = new MarkupString(tempResult);

    List<MyTabModel> tabs = new List<MyTabModel>()
        new MyTabModel { Title = "One" },
        new MyTabModel { Title = "Two", Disabled = true },
        new MyTabModel { Title = "Three" }

    public class MyTabModel
        public string Title { get; set; }
        public bool Disabled { get; set; }

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