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TabStrip Active Tab Index

The TabStrip allows you to get or set the index of the currently selected (active) tab through the ActiveTabIndex parameter. It supports two-way binding (the @bind-ActiveTabIndex syntax) and one-way binding used along with the ActiveTabIndexChanged event.

To deactivate all tabs, set the ActiveTabIndex parameter to -1.

Get and set the selected tab index

Active Tab Index: @ActiveTabIndex

<TelerikTabStrip @bind-ActiveTabIndex="@ActiveTabIndex">
    <TabStripTab Title="First">
        First tab content.
    <TabStripTab Title="Second">
        Second tab content. I will be active initially due to the default value of the parameter.
        <br />
        <TelerikButton OnClick="@SelectThirdTab">Select Third Tab</TelerikButton>
    <TabStripTab Title="Third">
        Third tab content.

@code {
    public int ActiveTabIndex { get; set; } = 1;

    void SelectThirdTab()
        ActiveTabIndex = 2;

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