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Switch Labels

On or Off labels are rendered inside the Switch based on its value:

  • OnLabel will be shown when the Switch Value is true
  • OffLabel will be shown when the Switch Value is false

The component allows customization of the labels text through the dedicated parameters. Provide your desired strings for the Switch labels or use a blank space to remove visible labels.

Customize Labels Text

Provide the desired text for the On and Off labels through the corresponding parameters. If the text is longer, you can increase the component Width to ensure the label will be visible.

@* Use the OnLabel and OffLabel to customize the labels of the Switch. Use the Width parameter to manipulate the width of the component. *@
    I agree to the terms and conditions

<TelerikSwitch @bind-Value="@hasAgreed"

@code {
    public bool hasAgreed { get; set; }
    public string myOnLabel { get; set; } = "Agree";
    public string myOffLabel { get; set; } = "Disagree";

Remove Labels

To remove the Switch labels, use a blank space for the OnLabel and OffLabel parameters.

@* Use a blank space to remove visible labels *@

<TelerikSwitch @bind-Value="@isSelected" OnLabel=" " OffLabel=" " />

@code {
    private bool isSelected { get; set; }

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