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Stepper Indicators

This article explains the configuration of the content that will be rendered in the step indicators. Each step could contain text or icon.

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Indicator Text

Stepper component allows you to use text for its step indicators. You can define the desired string for each step through the Text parameter the StepperStep exposes.

Stepper component with a text indicators. The result form the snippet below.

Text Indicators

@* Stepper with text indicators *@

<div style="width:500px">
            <StepperStep Text="1"></StepperStep>
            <StepperStep Text="2"></StepperStep>
            <StepperStep Text="3"></StepperStep>

Indicator Icon

Stepper component allows you to use font icon, sprite or an image for its step indicators. You can define the desired visual content through the following parameters of the StepperStep:

  • Icon - defines the name of the desired Telerik font icon.
  • IconClass - defines the CSS class of a desired third party font-icon.
  • SpriteClass - defines the classes from your site's stylesheet that produce the desired appearance and background positions for your sprites.
  • ImageUrl - defines the url of the desired raster image.

More details as well as a list of the available Telerik font icons you can find in the Built-in Icons article.

Icon Indicators

@* Stepper with icon indicators *@

<div style="width:500px">
            <StepperStep Icon="dictionary-add" Label="Icon"></StepperStep>
            <StepperStep IconClass="k-icon k-i-music-notes" Label="Icon Class" ></StepperStep>
            <StepperStep ImageUrl="" Label="Image Url" ></StepperStep>


When defining text and icons for the step indicators, you should take into consideration the following specifics:

  • The icons have priority over the text.

  • If more than on type icon is defined, the priority order will be as follows:

    1. ImageUrl
    2. Icon
    3. IconClass
    4. SpriteClass
  • If there is no icon, the text is used.

  • If there is no text either, the component will render the order of the step as text. If this is the first defined step, the text "1" will be displayed.

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